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Mr Matt
Mr Matt
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Writing Resources Empty Writing Resources

on Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:22 pm
Hey all, over the course of our, er, course it became clear that we all have read a lot about writing. So, this page is for any resources that are helpful: writing conventions, grammar/punctuation, advice from professionals, and so on. If you have any links, please email me at, or private message me via the forum, and I'll add them here, so that we have one page we can all refer to.

Writing Conventions:

Proper manuscript formatting (ignore the comic sans at the start and scroll down):


Oxford Dictionaries:

Inverted commas:

Commas (trigger warning: oxford comma alert):


Parentheses and brackets:


Reviews/Quotes/Information on Books:



Ursula Le Guin on Writing (scroll to 'About Writing'):

Neil Gaiman - Advice to Authors:

Author Interviews:

The Paris Review:

Cool And/Or Inspiring Stuff:

Brain Pickings:
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