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Mr Matt
Mr Matt
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How to Upload Your Work Empty How to Upload Your Work

on Sun Apr 01, 2018 3:28 pm
I know, this forum format looks pretty daunting, doesn't it? What does that button do? Nobody knows. Not even the trained monkey who made the web site.

Well, here is a very short list of how to share your work for critique, according to rules I made up right now, while drinking something I found under the sink (it's pink and has chunks in it).

  1. Copy and paste your selected text from Word (or whatever writing program you use)
  2. As the text is still selected, click on the Font icon on the dashboard above (it's a blue 'A') and select 'Times New Roman'. That's right, we're kicking it old school, folks.
  3. Select all of your story text again and click on the 'Font Size' icon (that's the blue 'A' with the vertical red arrows to its left). Select '13' or even '16'. (I've uploaded mine as size 14, as 12 looks really small for some reason.) If you want to do the same, you have to change the code that appears that looks like this: [ size=13 ] and change the 3 to a 4...
  4. Lastly, you have to manually add a paragraph break after each paragraph. Sorry, but the forum doesn't seem to like double-spaced text. I'll keep checking to see if there's a way to bypass that, so we can just copy and paste in our work.

Until then though, follow these 27 easy steps and you'll be fine. Unlike me: I don't think I should've drunk that...
Rob Russell Davies
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How to Upload Your Work Empty Re: How to Upload Your Work

on Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:54 pm
Thanks Matt. As I'm in South Africa and internet/data time is costly here, I've been copying the text of the stories and simply pasting them into a blank page in Word. (I'm sure it will work with any word processor.) This allows me to read off-line and to adjust the fonts and sizes as required.Then I come back onto the forum to comment. Anyway, I thought I'd share that as it will be a benefit with anyone else who prefers reading off-line or in their favourite word processor. Very Happy
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